A practical methodology for the determination of failure envelopes of fiber-reinforced cemented sands

This study aims to estimate the MohreCoulomb failure envelope of fiber-reinforced and non-reinforced
artificially cemented sands based on splitting tensile strength (st) and unconfined compressive strength
(sc) of such materials, without the necessity of carrying out triaxial testing. Based on the concept previously
established by Consoli et al. that the st/sc relationship is unique for each specific soil, fiber and
cement agent, it is shown that the effective angle of shearing resistance of a given fiber-reinforced or
non-reinforced cemented sandy soil (f0) is dependent of the st/sc ratio of such geomaterials and that
effective cohesion intercept (c0) is a direct function of the unconfined compressive strength (sc) [or
splitting tensile strength (st)] and st/sc ratio of the fiber-reinforced/non-reinforced improved soil. Finally,
the concepts presented herein are successfully checked for glass fiber-reinforced/non-reinforced silty
sand treated with ordinary Portland cement, considering weak, moderate and strong cementation levels.

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